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Since the age of 10 I have had a passion for photography. As a self-taught photographer, I have developed most of my technique through trial and error. I also studied some of the most prolific photographers of our times, Annie Leibowitz, Richard Avedon and Dorothea Lange. My art is my passion, there is nothing more beautiful and noteworthy oof documentation than thhe subject which dominates my field of view. I have been in countless art shows over the years. My work has been recognized by experienced artists and photographers who say I have an old school technique which has been lost in the digital age.

US Press Corp Photogrpher - 2011 to present
Getty Images Portfolio - 2014
Wikimedia Commons Portfolio - 2018
Heather Curtis Tufts University Professor - 2018 - has been using my photos of the bowery mission in her book presentations "Holy Humanitarian's: American Evngelicals and Global Aid".
Crime Report-2018 - photos of the homeless of NYC were used in their report on "Why Do We Keep Jailing Runaway Kids".

I am also a restoration specialist and have restored photos with historical value from the early 1800s to the present.

Awards - Nikon 360 and 260

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